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This is a website by a special needs tutor with Asperger Syndrome.       Click heading graphic to browse.       For example:  Being different

  Why advertising falls flat

This article considers the possibility that people with autism might be savvier consumers.        Click icon to see article.

  Autistic Allies

This is a discussion group for members.       They stress that it  is NOT a support group.      Their goal is to eradicate stereotypical images of autism, and to promote an autism-positive stance.        Click icon for Facebook group.        You have to join the group to see content.        See also Austism-positive.


Monique Craine is a blogger, activist and campaigner for NeuroDivergent (ND) rights, AKA Human Rights.          She says, This video was inspired by a Powerpoint presentation which I delivered in the past – which people claimed ‘opened their eyes’ to autism.  It has been receiving praise from the autistic community, autism professionals and parents.          Click play button to watch.

 Non-speaking / low-functioning?

I am autistic, non-speaking. I am also labeled “low-functioning”.      This label is a pre-judgment based on what I cannot do.       It makes people look at me with pity instead of trying to get to know me, listen to my ideas. ….. Click icon for full article.

Facbook small icon  Autonomous Press

Owned by disabled workers, Autonomous Press seeks to revolutionize academic access.       This can refer to a lot of things, e.g.  access to higher education, inclusive class environments …           See About for more information.


These links are all from the Ollibean website.      If you are always questioning things, maybe a bit of a non-conformist, this site could be a useful starting point.

  • Attitudes  –  We need to start to change how non-disabled people see disabled people, and then we can begin demanding a change in attitude.      We have enough true allies to join and support us, and we can demand what we decide we need to live a fulfilling human life.
  • Be awesome   –  Ableism – discrimination against disabled people, often unconscious/implicit.        Ableism brought forth by pity is frustrating.      It gets in the way of possibilities.
  • Universal design  –  When more people participate, everyone wins because human beings learn from each other –   e.g.  Captioned videos, films and TV help with literacy, including literacy of non-disabled people.
  • False choices  –  e.g.  Is autism a disability or a difference?
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