Autism-friendly jobcentres?

Announcing it

In December 2021 the minister for disabled people, Chloe Smith, announced that a number of jobcentres would be testing an autism framework, designed with the National Autistic Society (NAS), with the aim of transforming the service available to jobseekers on the autism spectrum.      The framework pilot was launched to help people with autism find, retain and progress in fulfilling jobs.      Click icon for Department of work and pensions announcement.

This initiative came out of the government’s Autism strategy, following on from the Autism act of 2009.     Development of the strategy has been on-going ever since.     It is a complex


Grantham jobcentre now has a neurodiversity champion – or advisor.    This is someone who advocates for and promotes the acceptance, understanding, and inclusion of neurodivergent individuals.     Click icon to get an outline of one neurodiversity champions training programme.

It is a new role at the jobcentre and she is in listening mode, to some extent, as of summer 2023.     She wants to find out what support autistic people need to help them into work.     Even if you are not registered with the jobcentre she would still be interested in talking with you if you would like to explore the possibilities.     You could try asking at reception about arranging a meeting.     They would probably need to look into it because it is something new.

This neurodiversity project has been rolled out across all of Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland jobcentres, too.

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