Universal credit

Contact for families has produced a page about Universal Credit.      Click icon to view.      They also have a helpline with several ways to get in touch.

There could be some sticking points with this benefit.       They are set out below along with what you may need to know.

Would you be better off?

Making an application can disrupt other payments, so you need to check that you would be better off with Universal credit before you apply. ….. If you have a limited capacity for work you may get more but if you are receiving other benefits or are doing some work you are likely to receive less. Some benefits, though, such as PIP, do not affect how much you get.       See: government      Money helperWhat counts as income and How do savings affect it

Figures are published to help you to compare your options.

Claimant commitment

You need to sign a claimant commitment in order to get Universal credit.       See: government       Contact website.

This could seem daunting.       This discussion might provide some helpful tips and reassurance, though.

Making a claim

Claims need to be made online. ….. If this is not possible you may be able to make the application by phone, though.       See: government        Contact website.

This link includes options to help with getting online to make your claim: Money HelperHow to apply.

Help with claim

Citizen’s advice offers a free Help to claim service.        Click icon to find out about it.


The government’s understanding Universal credit website says that capital includes:

  • savings, such as those in a bank or building society
  • investments such as Bonds or ISAs
  • property that you may own or part own (other than the house you live in)
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