Lucas Wilson


From the age of six I was a member of a Synchronised Ice Skating team and took part in competitions across the country.    I even was given the chance to perform a solo ice skate at a Gala at the Motorpoint arena.

Aged 8 my skills in movement were used again when I joined the Beth Cresswell school of dance, performing street-based dancing. I love dancing and have been doing it ever since.    I’m one of only two boys in the “Troupe”.

I love music alongside dance, and for the last six years I have enjoyed taking drumming lessons too! I am currently working on my Grade six.

Since 2018 I have been a member of the “Young Magicians Club” at the Magic Circle (Yes, the real one in London) and have been attending magic workshops there and shows. With Covid around, the workshops moved online instead.    I enjoy magic tricks a lot, preferably card tricks!

I am Autistic, and for my Secondary School years went to a local school that specialises in students with extra needs.   For the last two years there I was lucky enough to be Head Boy –  which I was super chuffed about which was awesome!

While I found GCSE’s really hard, I got the grades I needed to go onto a Media course at the local college.    I already loved filmmaking and editing, so spent the next two years improving my skills and experience.

I started video editing with a little YouTube channel back in 2015, with a camera my stepdad had.    I also did gaming videos, which was my focus.    I became quite good with the camera by  just filming things I liked such as shows (when I was allowed to), dances, and then later on, football!

Through GAIN, I started recording Harrowby football matches back in 2019 and I love it, being able to go to the football ground and video something I enjoy is just amazing.    I also edit the  recordings to try and give them a more professional finish.

Something I did earlier this year, with the chairman’s permission, was set up a dedicated Harrowby United YouTube channel to upload all the games on for people to watch.

I recently upgraded my camera to a GoPro Hero 8.    It can do better quality videos than my camcorder did, so hopefully the footage will be sharper in the future!

My dream is to be able to film the British Grand Prix, as Formula 1 is another big part of my life, but the ultimate ambition would be to film The Arrows at Wembley!

19 Oct 2020

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