Tips for parents

The FCA fostering website has set out a few tips for communicating with a non-verbal autistic child.      Click icon to view.


Here is an article  about a bright non-verbal boy of 12 years old.     He communicates by typing.     Click icon to view.     Its themes are developed in our Neuro-diversity page.

  Dillan’s voice

Apple released a video clip called Dillan’s voice, in 2016, about a teenager with autism.      He had difficulty getting across what he wanted to say until he started typing it into his iPad, which had an app to read them out loud.

Click icon to find the video clip.      There is also an accompanying video clip called Dylan’s Path outlining his life experience.

  Mothers’ insights

Researchers at two Universities in the USA interviewed mothers of non-speaking autistic children to find out how they form bonds with their children.       They noted the vital role of the mothers in interpreting the behaviour of their children.      Click icon for article.      It is from UC Santa Cruz.

Local services

Lincolnshire Family services directory has a few entries with a search for non-verbal.

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