GAIN introduction

Does your child have difficulties with the following:

  • Communication
  • Lack of understanding in social situations or interacting with others
  • Change to routine

Can we help ?

  • In 2020 we launched a new Facebook group, GAIN support, to foster online interaction.
  • Our website aims to point people to sources of information and support that might help with autistic issues.
  • Send us an email or phone our helpline for a chat and a few pointers: 01476  600 074


We put on autism-friendly events for children and young people up to the age of 25.

We are planning some events for 2023 in outdoor settings and large, well ventilated indoor spaces.

See events tab on Facebook and events page on website for more information.

Our contact details

01476 600 074     (2020)

GAIN Grantham         Postal address
c/o 9 Eskdale Road    (2021)
NG31 8EP.

Our media


  • Our website aims to point people to information and events for parents and carers.
  • It also reaches out to adults and to the wider area around Lincolnshire.

Anyone can follow us on our Facebook page: @GAINGrantham

Our story

Dear reader,

We would like to introduce ourselves.    We are a group of individuals who bring our own experiences to the GAIN team on a voluntary basis.

We aim to support parents and carers of young people on the autistic spectrum in the Grantham area.

Our founder member, Jane Emery, recognised the absence of one-to-one support for those struggling with (or without) a diagnosis of this condition.

Over the years we have invited relevant service providers to speak.      We have worked with Belton Lane children’s centre, Swingbridge children’s centre and Ambergate sports college,

Our current task is to adapt to changing circumstances.
       The GAIN team.

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