A family doctor’s failings

So today I took my daughter to the GP because of another bout of chronic constipation.      I had to practically beg the receptionist to ask the GP to come out to the car as we could not get my daughter out of the car.      Finally after an hour of waiting the GP appeared, felt my daughter’s stomach and said we need to give her an enema.      I explained that his would prove impossible without a general anaesthetic, to which the GP replied, “Give it to her while she is asleep”… .

I then spent 5 minutes explaining why we would never give medication to her in this way and that in order to give it under a GA we would have to call a best interests meeting and we don’t really have the time to do this as she was already in pain and her stomach distended.      I was then asked what a best interests meeting was and why do I need one?      Again I spent a few minutes explaining my daughter’s needs, her rights as a human being and asked for alternative medication.

She then asked me which ones we had already tried.       I told her my daughter’s history of laxative medication.       She then just stood there looking at me totally non-plussed and said …  “I don’t know what to suggest, are you sure you can’t give her an enema when she is asleep”.

There is more, but you get the picture.     The writer concluded:

In what world is this **** acceptable ?? !!!!       Where is the training for GP’s on autism and learning disabilities and associated illnesses?

From a private Facebook group.

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