Computer games

Computer games are said to offer benefits to children on the spectrum.      Here are some  web links, the first offering help in choosing games and the second offering a self-contained experience with the games on the site.

  • Autism Games is a website created by a university and an eTherapy centre in Australia.      It is free to use and it aims to assist children with moderate to severe autism to develop independent living skills.    Click on website and hover over the Games menu to see what is available.    Click the Whiz Kids Games link on their home page to play the games.

    You need to have Adobe Flash on your computer to play the games.     Take care to use the Adobe website to install to keep your computer safe.     But if you are not sure about any of this please ask someone who understands computers for help.
  • Animation for autism is a game that it is said could help children with autism develop social skills.      Here is a review.      See the maker’s website for more information, including what it does.      At time of launch, July 2015, it was pricey.
  • Pokemon Go has been the subject of a lot of bad press.     This story, though, of a 6-year-old boy called Ralphie, is a notable exception.        See article.
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